Spectroelectrochemical ATR Cell

Spectro-Electrochemical ATR Cell

For Surface-Sensitive Electrochemical ATR-SEIRAS

The J1 by Jackfish SEC is a complete three-electrode electrochemical ATR cell for SEIRAS. (What is ATR-SEIRAS?)

It enables fundamental studies of the electrified metal-solution interface and applications in molecular self-assembly, interfacial sensing, and next-generation energy solutions.

  • Teflon® and glass design offer excellent compatibility withorganic solvents and acidic/basic media
  • Reliable electrical contact with Au thin-film electrode 20 mL cell solution volume
  • Dedicated ports for gas bubblers, counter and eeference electrodes and exhaust gas trap
  • Easy installation on the PIKE VeeMAX III ATR accessory

J1W ATR Wafer Cell

The J1W version uses our Specialized 1 ATR Crystal which is optimized for SEIRAS.

These crystals are micromachined from 500 μm thick Si wafers, and are an inexpensive alternative to larger ATR crystals. The underside of the crystal is patterned with microprisms to enable excellent optical coupling. The low pathlength minimises throughput loss from Si phonon modes, allowing access to the complete mid-IR spectral range from 5000 to 400 cm-1. The team behind Jackfish has already shown that these are an excellent substrate for electrochemical ATR-SEIRAS.