Innovating Infrared Spectroscopy & Bioprocess Monitoring

We specialize in mid-infrared spectroscopy.  We have designed an instrument, Monipa, specifically for bioprocess monitoring and control.  We also offer customizable products for FT-IR spectroscopy, such as our innovative ATR crystal.
Monipa focuses on simplified bioprocess monitoring: our measurement system is based on MIR spectroscopy which makes it possible to monitor multiple bioprocesses online at the same time. Applications of the instrument are foreseen in both upstream bioprocessing; in metabolite monitoring and control, as well as in downstream bioprocessing to aid in aggregation studies, contaminant detection or monitoring of target proteins and excipients.
We also produce innovative ATR crystals for IR Spectroscopy. They are fabricated out of silicon wafers, achieving the same high-quality results as diamond ATR crystals but for a fraction of the price. This allows infrared spectroscopy, an established analytical method, to be used for applications in which it was previously not practicable or feasible. This is especially true for single use and high throughput analysis applications.


Our innovative measurement system enables the measure of upstream (glucose, lactate) and downstream parameters (protein purity, aggregation) using ATR MIR spectroscopy.

ATR Crystals & IR Solutions

Boost the performance of your ATR device with the IRUBIS crystals and accessory solutions. Our products can be used with standard FT-IR devices and customized for your needs.