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In a nutshell: What is ATR infrared spectroscopy?

Infrared spectroscopy uses infrared light (heat radiation) to identify a large number of chemical substances like fluids, solids or gases. ATR stands for attenuated total reflection and is the method of choice for almost all routine analyses of fluids and solids.

In ATR infrared spectroscopy, an infrared light is pointed from below on a crystal, an infrared transparent prism. The light is almost totally reflected on the top surface, but a small part of the energy gets absorbed by the interaction with the molecules in the sample (evanescent wave). This loss of energy is measured and results in a spectrum containing information about the sample.

ATR Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR crystal sample carrier irubis

Technological Innovation

The core technology of IRUBIS is the microstructured silicon crystal, an innovative sample carrier for ATR infrared spectroscopy.

While other sample carriers for infrared spectroscopy are usually made of diamonds, zinc selenide or germanium, the IRUBIS crystals are manufactured of silicon wafers. They therefore only cost a fraction of the price while maintaining the same high quality. Compared to standard ATR FTIR sample carriers, our crystals are

・cost effective,
・extremely robust and

What makes our ATR crystals better?

We chose undoped silicon as a material for our crystals. This does not only drastically lower the price, it is also very robust and suitable for pH 1-12. The high refractive index of silicon is compensated by the adjustment of the angle of incidence. This allows us to achieve a high penetration depth.

During the manufacturing process, our sample carriers receive a special MEMS (Microelectromechanical Structuring) on the underside. In these prisms a single internal reflection occurs. The advantage of a single bounce ATR is that there is no focusing required.

As our ATR crystals are very thin, the light path is as short as 1mm. We are therefore able to access the fingerprint region.

IRUBIS ATR IR Infrared Crystal Sample Carrier

Products and Outlook

Besides our basic Single Reflection ATR Crystals, we also offer a version that is optimized for SEIRAS. Currently in the pipeline is a Signal Enhanced ATR Crystal. In addition to the microstructures on the underside, we also added them to the crystal surface. This leads to higher peaks in the spectrum.

We also offer an accessory system that is compatible with most spectrometers.

Our latest product is the result of a collaboration with PIKE Technologies. AutoATR is an automated plate reader for ATR infrared spectroscopy.

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