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Chemical Reviews, 2018

Parasites under the Spotlight: Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy to Malaria Research

Authors: D Perez-Guaita, K M Marzec, A Hudson, C Evans, T Chernenko, C Matthäus, M Miljkovic, M Diem, P Heraud, J S Richards, D Andrew, D A Anderson, C Doerig, J Garcia-Bustos, D McNaughton, B R Wood

Did you know you can use infrared spectroscopy for malaria diagnosis? The analysis of biofluids with IR is always a question of hygiene. By reducing the price of our Single Reflection ATR Crystals, they can be used as disposables – enabling many new applications.

IRUBIS ATR IR Infrared Crystal Sample Carrier

Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Electrochemical ATR-SEIRAS Using Low-Cost, Micromachined Si Wafers

Authors: T A Morhart, B Unni, M J Lardner, I J Burgess

Researchers from Canada used our crystals for electrochemical ATR Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy. If you are interested in such an application, we now offer SEIRAS Optimized ATR Crystals.

Press & Media

International Labmate Ltd, 2018

An Innovative Breakthrough in Automated ATR Sampling

Automating spectroscopic sampling delivers benefits to chemists and laboratory technicians by speeding the development of routine calibrations, reducing monotonous tasks and increasing efficiency and output. Read more about the benefits of AutoATR in this article.