ATR Microplate Reader


An Innovative Breakthrough in Automated ATR Sampling

PIKE AutoATR - Automated ATR Microplate Reader

We are proud to present AutoATR, the result of a cooperation with PIKE Technologies, the leading manufacturer of accessories for FTIR, NIR and UV-Vis spectrometers, including attenuated total reflectance (ATR).

  • Complete hardware and software package for automated ATR analysis
  • Up to 24 unique ATR measurements in a single run
  • Spectra comparable to a single reflection ZnSe or diamond ATR
  • Removable and replacement ATR elements
  • Fully enclosed, purgeable design with front-loading tray
  • In-compartment mounting, compatible with most FTIR spectrometers

We integrated our Single Reflection ATR Crystals into a 24-well micro plate. This enables 24 unique ATR measurements to be conducted within one run.

The AutoATR is designed to fit into the sample compartment of most FTIR spectrometers.

You can find more information in the pdf provided below. If you have more specific questions to our ATR crystals, please use the contact form.

PIKE AutoATR - Automated ATR Microplate Reader

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