Single Reflection ATR Crystal

Versatile and Cost-Effective

Our Basic ATR Crystal: as good as a diamond

Our innovative crystals are made of standard silicon wafers, which are microstructured by standard processes of the semiconductor industry.

The basic sample carrier has the same performance as a single bounce diamond crystal and a broad spectral range which also covers the fingerprint region. It has a very high light throughput as the coupling area is large. The short optical path inside the ATR crystal makes the fingerprint region accessible.

Technical Details

Dimensions:  11 mm x 9 mm x 0.5 mm

Active surface: 9 mm x 7 mm

pH-range: 1 to 12

Material: undoped silicon

Spectral Characteristics

The full spectral range starting from 1.9 µm can be accessed. The typical cut-off of silicon is avoided by the very thin ATR crystal. The penetration depth is comparable to a single bounce diamond ATR at 45°. The graph shows the absorption of water on the basic ATR crystal compared to a standard single reflection diamond ATR crystal.

Sample Spectra