Signal Enhanced ATR Crystal

Empowered by Photonic Crystals

Innovative Microstructures

The patent-panding microstructures on the surface lead to a better signal-to-noise ratio and enhance the IR signal. The result is a higher absorption and thus more distinct peaks.


The signal enhanced ATR crystal is optimized for the specific application. Silicon is very hard and suitable for a pH range from 1 to 12. The crystal can have almost any rectangular shape. The graph shows the absorption of acetone in water (water background) on a signal enhanced ATR crystal compared to a standard single reflection diamond ATR crystal.

Filter Effect

The microstructured surface of the carrier acts like a plasma filter and separates the blood plasma from the blood cells.
Only the separated plasma in between the microstructures is being screened by the IR beam. Therefore centrifugation is not required.

Sample Spectra