With our technology, we put the future of infrared spectroscopy in your hands.
IRUBIS Products: ATR Crystal
ATR Crystals

The IRUBIS ATR crystals boost the performance of any FTIR device. Cost-effective and suitable for versatile applications.

Atr Accessory
ATR Accessory – Obsidian Product Line

The Obsidian product line is a universal accessory system for ATR infrared spectroscopy. Different top plates are available to meet your needs.

ATR Flow Cell
ATR Flow Cell

The Flow Cell Top Plate is part of the Obsidian product line and can be used with the IRUBIS ATR Accessory.


You can find the IRUBIS technology in different collaboration products.
AutoATR: ATR Microplate Reader

In cooperation with PIKE Technologies, we developed AutoATR. This device allows the measurement of 24 samples within one run.

J1 Jackfish
J1: Spectroelectrochemical ATR Cell

The J1 by Jackfish SEC is a complete three-electrode electrochemical cell for ATR-SEIRAS using our optimized crystals.