Transmission Cell

Infrared Difference Spectroscopy with Innovative Silicon Transmission Cells

Customizable Transmission Cell

Our transmission cell is especially designed for difference spectroscopy. Two or more parallel canals are measured simultaneously in an IR microscope. You can use FTIR or QCL microscopes.

Feel free to contact us with your requests for custom microfluidic cells.

  • Water vapour bands are eliminated
  • Detector drift is avoided
  • Intensity fluctuation of the source are eliminated
  • Fluctuations in the thickness of the cell do not affect the result due to the small distance
  • Very low sample volume (picoliter)
  • Protein analytics
  • Label-free microfluidic cytometry (life cell imaging)
  • High throughput through parallelisation of measurements
  • Flow chemistry
Technical Details

The cell is made out of two silicon wafers. The gap between the wavers has a maximum thickness of 20 µm, the width can be varied as desired.
In separate channels the sample and a reference can be measured simultaneously.